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Tontarelli in Europe.
In 1997 Tontarelli Group extends its presence across Europe: TS UK Limited, a new productive and commercial unit, is opened in Middleton, near Manchester, in UK.

In 1998 was established Tontarelli France s.a., headquartered in Longlaville, in Lorraine, in a strategic position in the centre of Europe to distribute not merely in France but also in the markets of Central and Northern Europe.

Since 2006 there is a new site in Luxembourg: Tontarelli Lux s.a., which is for the Group an additional support to the increased production capacity and also allows to further improve the service to the rising number of customers in Central and Eastern Europe.

With its 3 production plants and the warehouse in France, the Tontarelli Group is one of the European leaders in the manufacture and distribution of plastic housewares and furnishing complements. From the main plant in Italy the distribution network reaches worldwide destinations.

Tontarelli S.p.A.
Via Camerano, 5
60022 Castelfidardo (Ancona) - Italia
Tel. +39 (0)71 721971
Fax +39 (0)71 7219765 - 66

TS (UK) Ltd.
Unit 107 Touchet Hall Road
Stakehill Distribution Park
Middleton Manchester M24 2SJ - UK
Tel. +44 (0)161 6533888

Tontarelli Lux S.A.
Z.A.E. Robert Steichen
3 Rue Bommel - L-4940 Hautcharage
Tél. +352 266 5275734
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